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Quilts for Kids

Almost 9 years ago, our daughter was born 6 weeks early and spent 19 days in the hospital. It was one of the scariest times of my life. I will always remember those first few days of staring at my baby and hoping/ praying that she would be okay.

During those weeks in the hospital, we were gifted items from local charities. No one plans on their baby staying in a hospital so we had very little that fit. As uncertain as the days were, we found comfort in the hats and things the hospital gave us. I remember reading the labels and feeling the love that was put into each item. Some things weren’t what we would have picked out at a store but they gave us comfort and even some laughs. Who would think bright yellow looks good on a newborn?! Can a newborn pull off a giant flower?! Not without a British accent! We kept all of those treasures and continue to have such gratitude for every piece.

I was recently given the opportunity to quilt 4 tops for Quilts for Kids. Their organization provides quilts to children who are facing serious illness, trauma, abuse and natural disasters. It was such an honor to take the tops made by other volunteers and add my own touch of love and support. I hope these four quilts offer some children warm snuggles and hope for brighter days.

Quilting patterns (top to bottom)

1- Fancy Fish

2-Peak Blossoms


4-Star Flower 5

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