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Hello! My name is Holly and I'm ready to be your quilter! 

I started quilting in 2015 after my aunt passed away from breast cancer. She was the family crafter/quilter and was always working on a project. She would even finish projects for others after they became too overwhelming. After she passed, my mother and other aunt decided not to make anything else because it was hard to see all of the things that my aunt had made them over the years. I thought that was so sad to hear and not at all what my aunt would have wanted. With the help of a friend and her mother, I learned how to use a sewing machine and made my first quilt! I made both my mother and other aunt memory quilts in honor of my late aunt. Surprising them was so special and I've been in love with quilting ever since!

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memory quilt.jpg

From My Quilting Journey...

memory quilt.jpg

Family Photo with my two aunts, grandmother and mother.


My first finished quilt top! Being displayed with my friend that helped me to learn how to sew.


I gave the first memory quilt to 
my mother.


I made a second memory quilt for my other  aunt.


 I love to create individualized quilts that people truly love and enjoy. My goal as a quilter is to create the perfect quilt that matches the recipients' taste and style.  I love to listen to the story behind every quilt and work together to create a quality product.  I would be honored to hear your quilt's story and for you to trust me to finish your cherished quilt!

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